EVcities.com was set up on 13 Oct 2020 as a means for me to collect my thoughts on learning all about Electric Vehicles and how will this clean technology offer a business opportunity from a layman perspective.

As a private banker based in Singapore, I’ve advised clients to get exposure in EV companies since 2015. Despite several period of high volatility in the financial markets over the years, I am still convinced that the we are currently in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and the EV industry is here to change the landscape as we know it.

Unfortunately I am not a techie so my knowledge is still very limited. Thus my initial plan for this website is to collate and share relevant news on the EV industry and their impact in this region.

With time, I hope to learn more about this industry and identify business opportunities.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step (千里之行,始於足下)

Laozi (老子)

With this first step forward, I hope to inspire and build a community of like minded friends on this journey to discover innovation all around us.

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