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China EV sector

On 2nd Nov, China launches their new energy vehicle industry plan for 2021-2035 with the aim to have pure electric vehicle (PEV) as the mainstream option for car sales by 2035 3 key highlights as follows; 1. Upgrading public charging station technology from slow charge to high voltage fast charging. 2. Target of 80% ofContinue reading “China EV sector”

Nio +16.285%

Nio, a Chinese EV manufacturer listed in the New Year Stock Exchange hit a new high of USD 32.97 NIO listed in NYSE on 12 Sep 2018. The company manufactures autonomous driving electric vehicles integrated with next generation technologies and artificial intelligence. ES8, a 7 seater all aluminum alloy EV SUV is capable of 0-100Continue reading “Nio +16.285%”

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